Each applicant’s personal essay will be evaluated using the following criteria.

  4 3 2 1
Personal Experience Takes a leadership role in planning and teaching others about social justice Actively participates in opportunities when they are made available Belongs to a club or group which supports social justice Not actively engaged in social justice
Awareness Demonstrates a personal connection to causes/needs of social justice Well informed of the need for social justice through means other than personal experience Has read about the need for social justice and has been moved to think about it Is not aware or actively concerned
Goals Clearly communicates future personal goals regarding social justice his/her participation in achieving these goals Communicates worthy goals but only in idealistic terms rather than practical ones Limits goals to satisfaction with those already attained Offers no future goals at this time
Accomplishments Clear impact with observable accomplishments with details provided Demonstrates influencing others in attaining goals Participation but limited or no actionable results Does not communicate